Mzuzu Low vision project is an expansion from a Child Blindness Project that was implemented in 2019 with support from American People through the United Agency for International Development (USAID) and closed in 2021. The Fight for Sight Wilde Ganzen low vision project is just an extension from the activities that were done under USAID-CBP, to include both children and adults, and it will run for 3 years (2022-2024). A number of activities have been done so far, some of which are the visits by the people from Netherland, online capacity building by the global low vision trainer, advocacy meetings with APAM, media, the ministry and others to increase awareness. In addition, we have also conducted the school screenings in both resource centres and the normal schools within Mzuzu. We also had the paediatric camp where children with operable conditions like cataract and squints were operated. A total of 272 people received eye glasses and 35 people received low vision devices.