Blantyre Institute for Community Outreach

How we work

BICO does not directly implement its programmes and projects. We work with and through partners. Our main partners are Ministries of Health and Education in Malawi. BICO also works in collaboration with international partners who sub contracts BICO to implement projects such as conducting research in eye care in Malawi. BICO is also member of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, a global alliance of international NGOs committed to elimination of blinding Trachoma world wide.


BICO exists to champion community eye health in Malawi and the region in order to achieve extraordinary improvements in eye care service delivery for the prevention and control of avoidable blindness in Malawi and the region.


To improve the quality of lives of people through facilitation of the provision of quality and affordable eye care service delivery, eye care operational research, capacity building in community eye health and advocacy and partnership.


BICOs Vision is to achieve extraordinary improvements in community eye health in Malawi .We want to ensure that all rural Malawians who are currently suffering from unnecessary treatable and preventable eye conditions have access to affordable eye services that will prevent them from disability (visual impairment, low vision and blindness) as a result of such illnesses.

Core Values